Vote Papp .comFor Clarkstown Board of Educations-COOL Water Revenue Concept

the non-profit foundation will manage the private label operation; private bottling of the water, distribution and sales and the sports boosters organizations and extracurricular organization’s support teams (parents) will be the arms and legs of our sales force and will do the leg work of signing up retailers to sell ‘s-COOL Water’.  The bottom line here is that it is the residents of Clarkstown that provide the money that fills the cash registers of all retailers within Clarkstown (mini marts, pizza parlors, pharmacies etc).  We are going to ask them to sell our ‘s-COOL Water’ which will provide them with the same profit they now make on other brands, but that provides revenue to the Sports and Extra Curricular programs for our school district rather than benefiting national brand water companies.  As I see it, if a local business desires our support of their business, they should in turn support these programs, or we opt to support a business that does support our programs by selling ‘s-COOL Water’.  It is a hand in hand relationship, where frankly we the community consumers have the upper hand (its simple supply and demand).  We demand to be able to buy ‘s-COOL Water’ and they sell ‘s-COOL Water’. 

Private Bottled Water Operation – Some ten years ago while traveling I was (I believe in Michigan) and found that any store I went into had the local university brand of water.  Every store!  Pizza parlors, quick marts, pharmacies etc.  I propose that the district with cooperation of an education foundation and sports booster organizations, launch a private label water business using the labeling “s-Cool Water” (school water).  The School District will own all rights to the copyright brand,