I have no personal agenda, no pre-established goals to attain, no desire to bolster my resume and no long sighted political ambitions beyond that of serving on the Clarkstown Board of Education.   My clearly stated goals and reason for running for office are to resolve the difficult financial and operational issues facing the School District, and to bring Clarkstown Schools to the pinnacle of what they can and should be.  To that aim, I offer my agenda statement:


to welcome input and information with open arms and an open mind.

to maintain a desire for factual and substantiated information from as many sources as possible.

to listen to the desires and needs of our parents, general community and teachers.

to seek and find new and unique (reasonable and viable) solutions to resolve financial issues.

to protect our district against financial fleecing, abuses and waste of tax payer dollars.

to give due consideration as part of every issue, to the fact that our schools are interlaced with the quality of life in our community, the economic stability of our town and the property values of our tax payers.

to ensure equitable distribution of educational resources throughout all Clarkstown schools.

to give appropriate considerations to resolving the issue of non-funded / under funded mandates.

to support necessary actions to ensure the effectiveness and viability of our educational curriculums.

to give due consideration at an empathetic level and never let sympathy guide my decisions.

to ultimately only act in the best interest of the school district without regard to how I may be affected.

 to conduct myself and act in a manner such that I will never compromise myself respect or my dignity.

To only act in a positive, polite and respectful way which will enable my family to hold their heads up high.


My name is my greatest asset and I will not in any way nor for any purpose whatever, compromise my name, nor my self-respect.  I will NOT falsely indicate that I support a popular desired goal in order to attain support or win an election.  I will always remember that running for and potentially holding a public office at any level, is an honor which has been provided to me by through the planning and sacrifices of Americans that walked the ground before my existence.

Vote Papp .comFor Clarkstown Board of EducationJay Papp's Campaign Statement and Pledge

When I was considering running for the Board of Education, I had been urged by several political people to ‘say what you need to in order to get elected, and then run with your agenda’. I simply could never to that because to me that is simply fraud.  I view that type of conduct to be a desecration of every sacrifice that has ever been made to assure that we are free people who are able to select our leadership by voting.  Yes, I’m sure that I am the fool for thinking that but, that just is who I am.  When I say something I sincerely mean it and if someone has a valid point that changes my opinion, I will say that too.


I tell my daughter continuously that there are only two types of minds; open and closed. People with closed minds are the cause of all that is negative, and those that are open belong to the individuals that have created the great things and who are the pinnacle of leaders in history. I want to be my daughters role model so that the day that I close my eyes for the last time, I will know that I have done all in my power to help her be the best woman she can possibly become, and I will have no regrets and no apologies to make before God with regard to the way I have lived my life.


I am either acceptable as I am, or I am not the individual for the job. If I'm not the right person for the job, I will still work to do the right thing and help those that were selected for the job. That is who I am and I hope that is sufficient for you to have faith in me and vote for me