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I have talked about the implementing Secondary and Tertiary Revenue programs to help offset the budget deficits and to provide some relief for tax payers.  I would like to address some of these concepts in more detail to provide voters with a more in-depth understanding of what I mean about these types of revenue sources.  Below are a few of the concepts and proposals which I will present to the Board of Education for further evaluation.


District Wide Waste Elimination – I propose that the BOE and Administration implement an all area LEAN SIX Sigma initiative.  At the outset this will involve inviting all district staff, parents and the general community to submit recommended areas and issues which could be addressed to save resources of all forms.  The suggestions will be assessed and areas of potential waste prioritized.  Teams will them be formed utilizing volunteers from all areas which are involved in the scope of what is being addressed.  Specifically, this process involves the people who do the work and are involved in the processes assessing how the work is done, how it can be done better with the specific goal of elimination of all waste.  At the end of the team committee process, the findings and recommendations of the team are presented to the district BOE and Administrators for evaluation and implementation.  Many years ago, GE reported that it saved 1 million dollars a day by implementing the recommendations of Lean Six Sigma / Six Sigma teams. 


Total Utilization of Resources and Facilities – There are numerous ways in which the school district can generate significant revenue by actively marketing the use of the district’s facilities and buildings.  The following are just a small sampling of the massive opportunities that exist:


Actively marketing auditoriums and gyms to dance competition companies, cheerleading competition organizers, summer sports camp programs and even seeking out semi-professional acting companies to use the auditorium facilities.


Planetarium Shows All Year Long – Did you know that our South High School has a planetarium?  Well it does!  I propose that we fully utilize this small planetarium in our school to run shows the same way the Haden Planetarium does.  In fact, I intend to reach out to the Haden and other planetariums around the country to ask if we may have copies of their older presentations to use for fund raising shows at our South High School planetarium.  Frankly, I believe that tickets sales will be months out because this attraction (this money maker) will have packed audiences for every show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a never ending cycle.   Not only that but, we are always looking for field trips for our little ones in the elementary schools.  How amazing would a daytime fieldtrip be to our own high school to watch a presentation at our planetarium and then to eat lunch with the ‘High School Kids’ WoW!  


Private Bottled Water Operation – Some ten years ago while traveling I was (I believe in Michigan) and found that any store I went into had the local university brand of water.  Every store!  Pizza parlors, quick marts, pharmacies etc.  I propose that the district with cooperation of an education foundation and sports booster organizations, launch a private label water business using the labeling “s-Cool Water” (school water).   The School District will own all rights to the copyright brand, the non-profit foundation will manage the private label operation; private bottling of the water, distribution and sales and the sports boosters organizations and extracurricular organization’s support teams (parents) will be the arms and legs of our sales force and will do the leg work of signing up retailers to sell ‘s-COOL Water’.  The bottom line here is that it is the residents of Clarkstown that provide the money that fills the cash registers of all retailers within Clarkstown (mini marts, pizza parlors, pharmacies etc).  We are going to ask them to sell our ‘s-COOL Water’ which will provide them with the same profit they now make on other brands, but that provides revenue to the Sports and Extra Curricular programs for our school district rather than benefiting national brand water companies.  As I see it, if a local business desires our support of their business, they should in turn support these programs, or we opt to support a business that does support our programs by selling ‘s-COOL Water’.  It is a hand in hand relationship, where frankly we the community consumers have the upper hand (its simple supply and demand).  We demand to be able to buy ‘s-COOL Water’ and they sell ‘s-COOL Water’. 


district.  Other examples of his creativity include a deal which Jay Papp negotiated over four years ago to provide massive discounts on computer virus software (cost of $7.00 per license) which the district / PTAs could sell to students and their families at half of $69.00 list price.   


Computer Virus Software Program – About four years ago I negotiated a deal with a major computer virus software company to provide the Clarkstown school PTAs with full copies of their computer virus programs at $14.00 per copy (with the restriction that the software could only be sold to households with students; public school and/or college students).   This software would be offered for sale by the PTAs at 50% off the store price (which at that time was $59.00 per year).   The PTAs would sell the virus software at $29.00 thus making 15.00 per copy.  The sale of the software was delivered online and it would auto renew every year until canceled.  The restriction was that all revenue had to be used for educational technologies; smart boards as priority #1 and then computers for students school use. With 8,000 students the estimate was that about 2,000 copies would be sold per year which would  generate $30,000 per year for smart boards and computers.  I reached out to the PTAs and not a single one responded to me and the project went down the drain.  I am confident that I can resurrect this program and enable us to bring in significant revenue for school technologies.   When I negotiated this program, it permitted our school district to sell thorough any other PTA in the country.  So if we gave the other PTAs a $10.00 commission, Clarkstown would make $5.00 a copy that any other PTA in the country sold.  Think about the potential that this program had (and I hope still will have for us).  It is this type of innovativeness that I offer the school district and voters.   


Congers Elementary – You already know that I have proposed a repair to Congers.  I will have many more such innovative plans for other issues in our district.


Establish Grant Writer Positions – I would like to see the district have one or two part time or full time grant writers that will work with the various school department chairs to seek a cross section of federal grant money for our school district.  If your not sure that makes sense, let me tell you this.  In a meeting I recently had with Alex Gromak, he told me that the Town’s grant writer is a part time position that gets a $20,000 base salary and commissions on every grant that she gets for the town.  While she has been working for the Town of Clarkstown her grant applications have generated in the range of 50 million dollars.  Think about the improvements and enhanced programs we could have in the areas of safety, computer technology, educational technologies, special education, sports and on and on, if we generated 50 million in grant awards in the next ten years.  This is an amazing possibility and I fully support starting with a part time grant writer and a full time grant writer on annual contracts.  Once they demonstrate their abilities, we provide longer contracts for them.


This just touches the surface of the programs which I would like to impement to improve the district overall. 


Tell me please, what other candidate for the Board of Education has laid out their plan with specifics like I have.  No one else!  Please consider what is in the best interest of our school district, and then vote for me, Jay Papp on Tuesday May 20th



Jay Papp