The Board of Education Election this Tuesday (May 20th) is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE for the Clarkstown community and our public education system.  In the coming year the Teachers Union contract is up for re-negotiation, and they will be looking for an immediate 5% increase along with as much as 35+% in salary and benefit increases over the life of the contract.  Think about that, as much as 70% of your school tax bill is salary and benefits.  The Teacher’s union endorsed Phil Degaetano and Sean McGee because one union official said “Degaetano and McGee represent the best interest of the union and children” (and children???).  If you vote for Degaetano and McGee you will be voting for a blank check to be handed to the ‘Teachers Union’ with a big smile.  Jay Papp supports fair salaries and fair negotiations not closed door deal making and selling out the tax payers.  Degaetano was on the Board of Education previously and his failures as a board member are part of the reason the district is in a financial crisis.  What is the expression?  Fool me once….

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