About The Candidate

I grew up in Tarrytown, NY and Graduated from Sleepy Hollow High School.  While in High School I was my Freshman and Senior Class President, on the Student Council and was appointed on to the student advisory board to the Board of Education.  In my Senior Year of High School I decided to run for the Board of Education and shortly thereafter, realized that I truly lacked the education, business and life experience that was required to make a difference, and opted not to submit my nominating petition.  I attended Mercy College for one year and then transferred to Cortland State University in Cortland, NY.   I studied Political Science for two years and then opted to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Communication with minors in History as well as Public Administration and Public Policy.  While at Cortland I served as a Student Body Senator, served on, in excess of 20 various committees and made an unsuccessful bid for Student Body President.  I was also appointed by the President of the University to represent the student body on a committee established to create a non-profit telephone company to service the University following the deregulation of the telephone industry in 1983.  After graduating from Cortland State University I returned to Tarrytown NY (and within three days was being yelled at because I did not have a job!  Seriously!) . 

I launched and incorporated my first business within three months of graduating from undergraduate school and worked hat business in the evenings while working full time for the Westchester County Department of Social Services out of the Getty Square District Office.  After two years, I decided to close the struggling business and go to graduate school.  I accepted a graduate assistance position with Long Island University’s Brooklyn Center and studied accounting and computer programming.  I resigned from the assistantship to pursue a new business venture and accepted a position as a staff accountant / full charge bookkeeper with H.J. Ritter Company.  Thereafter, I accepted a position as manager of IT and Accounts Receivables Polder, Inc.  Over my five year tenure at Polder I was promoted twice to Manager of Operations and Director of Operations and Facilities.  At all times while I worked full time I also had some business venture going which I worked at night and on the weekends. Upon leaving Polder I established Electronic Business Technologies, Inc. (www.ebti.com) which offered electronic data interchange software and consulting services.  The company went on to specialize in customized business accounting software and offered consulting for efficiency of business and financial operations related to accounting software customization and deployment.   I conceived of and directed the end to end development of Progressive Accounting Software (www.progressiveaccountingsoftware.com)  and created the business efficiency methodology of LEANSDLC (www.leansdlc.com).  In 2009 I established a new division of my company to undertake strategic concepting and development initiatives for a list of confidential clients and have developed multiple trademarked business concepts including Pet PetHome® and Pet Finder® safety systems, and most recently, resurrecting and trade marking a discontinued electronic scoreboard product Dartmaster3®. 

My wife Helen is originally from New City and my father-in-law operated the local Rexal Pharmacy on Main Street in New City for many years.   My wife and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary in the most rewarding way possible; helping our 6th grade daughter study for three days of back to back tests!  Most people laugh when I say it was the most rewarding way to celebrate a 20th anniversary but, I sincerely mean that.  There is nothing more valuable in life for me than my wife and our daughter.  I grew up being told that my responsibility as a man was to assure that my child had a better lifestyle that I had and to provide her with everything she needed to assure that her children will have even a better life than she will have.  My mother has told me and does to this day that the hard work that we put into raising our children has a massive reward; watching their success!  There is not much better a reward for anything in life.  Which is why I want to be sure that Clarkstown’s School Systems are top notch, because I intend to see my grand children graduate from Clarkstown Schools, and it is my responsibility to them and to all the children of my friends and neighbors here in Clarkstown to make sure that our Schools are the best that they can possibly be..

Please support me in that goal by voting for me for Clarkstown Board of Education.

Respectfully Yours,

Jay Papp