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An ‘elected office’ can only ever be as good as the individual who serves in such office.  For that reason, voters must vet the character of the ‘individual’ before ever giving consideration to that ‘candidates’ experience and positions on issues. 


What kind of ‘person’ is this individual?  Does his/her actions in life demonstrate a ‘character’ which is commensurate to the public office for which they aspire to attain? 



Who is Jay Papp?
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The concepts of common core has merit when used properly.  The way it is used is contradictory to everything we know about brain development in younger children.  Kids do not have full brain development related to the logic of action and consequence until late teens for girls and early to mid 20’s for boys.  This is a fact that is taught to Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders.  To ask logical connective questions to six year old children is foolish.  Some common core concepts should be used but, not the way the “Common Core” has done it.  Common Core math should be two classes not one; fundamentals of arithmetic and application of mathematical logic.  The same holds true for parts of English.  Where I see Common Core English failing is that it is trying to get kids to dissect reading at too early of an age.  There is nothing wrong with outlining things children should know but, there is no single set of curriculum coursework that will be effective  at every school.  The curriculum plans  to be used in the classrooms should be left to up to the district administrators and teachers.  They know their children and know how to best teach their children. 


I am of the opinion that we should be reaching out to other districts to team up and take the state to federal court for attempting to back door a nationalized (federalist)  education plan which violates the constitutionally design of independent States within a union of States (United States of America).  If we permit this to occur, then we will have given up a State’s rights, and the rights of the people in that State to NOT live under a National Law and Policy Structure.   The  Governors of the States do not have the right to decide to circumvent our US Constitution.


The National Common Core for education is wrong for too many reasons!

State Testing

There needs to be some testing to know if were are achieving our goals, but the state tests are not being used for that.   The testing to create tests is ridiculous and I am opposed to it.   I feel that standardized testing does not accurately demonstrate what children are learning, and it DOES not show how good a teacher may be.

Testing should not be used to evaluate teacher!  It is foolish!  Students that know the material but that do not do well on test should determine a teachers future.  Why not just pick a date in the coming year and if it rains, fire a teacher!  I will fight that  regardless if I win a seat on the Board of Education.  It is not right for our teachers and not right for our students.

I do support changes in laws that  allow districts to determine what good teaching is!    

Google For Education

I will never trust a major for profit company that makes it’s money on tracking information about people and selling it to have any part in our education system.  Even their contracts indicate that they are not being strait with us.  I will not leverage the privacy of our children and their future for free access to something that can be done very affordably in house.  I am totally against the school district’s contract to archive student emails with Google.

Building Repairs

Every one of our school district’s buildings needs significant work.  Some are a mess.  North High School is an embarrassment to our entire community and it needs to be fixed.  But, it cannot all be done at one time.  The mistake that was made several years back was to seek a massive bond just under 200 million dollars.  We need to do smaller bonds on an annual basis which are specific and restricted to particular projects.  Take this in smaller chunks and only run a few concurrent projects that can be wisely managed and overseen.  


Before we do anything we MUST resolve the excess classroom issue so that we can qualify for up to 50% State Aid on these building projects.  We are not in this alone!  New York State Education Department is there for us but, we need to do things correctly in order to qualify for that aid.  The reality of it is that for our schools to be superior and clean, so that people walk into our schools and say “wow”, we need about 500 million dollars in facilities work over the next ten years.  If we qualify for NYSED building aid funds, that will only be 250 million for our tax payers, and it will NOT be all at one time!   A bit at a time.  We all know the reality of public works (sadly), if we tried to do that much at one time it would be a disaster and we would be robbed blind!  Is just a historical fact!   We all know it!   But, done properly, in stages, we will have people banking our doors down to live within the Clarkstown School District.  That means superior property values, economic stimulation of our economy, the desire for businesses to be in our area to have access to the resources and people. 


I have said that the first thing we need to do is put out the ‘fires’.  Congers Elementary is the first an most critical.  Then we need to resolve the excess classroom issues with the NYSED.  That does not mean closing schools.  NO SCHOOLS ARE GOING TO CLOSE!   By reconfiguring how rooms are used, taking out some walls and verifying that our floor plans are presenting our room usage properly we will quickly qualify for State Building Aid (and the state will help us get there if we present a legitimate long term facilities use plan).   


Once that NYSED Building aid is in place we need to put together a full and detailed assessment of every item that needs attention down to a crew missing on an electrical plate.  While that is all going on we need to assess and if appropriate train our facilities staff  so that they can get to work on items that we can do in house.  What amazes me is that facilities teams in most hospital have staff that that could fix the space shuttle but, our facilities team will stop sweeping the floor if the broom handle breaks (I have seen that!). 


When I was a kid the guys that maintained our school were called janitors but, back then they were actually building maintenance engineers because they could would cut, weld and McGuiver anything.  We need to take a serious look at skills of our facilities team and assess what they can actually do.  I know for a fact that we have a facilities staff member at Felix Festa that owned his own business in the past and frankly, he is a guy that if given the tools and opportunity could fix a space shuttle.  We need to look at our talent in the facilities area and seriously look at what they are capable of.   We should also be working with the Town of Clarkstown and Rockland County to assemble a team of our facilities staff to be trained on roof installations and repairs.  In fact, we should jointly have teams of plumbers and electricians and other skilled artisans that can do jobs that we otherwise would have to contract out.  We should consider the possibility of establishing a joint County authority that does advanced building work and repairs for the County, Towns and School Districts within Rockland. 


Once we have our detailed and evaluated list of what needs to be done (which will involve parents, teachers, administrators and the BOE rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty), we prioritize the work and put funding (Bonds and State Aid) into place and get to work. 


It is not going to happen over night!  But, it is not unrealistic to target a five year timeline to have our school buildings in top shape.  Maybe not at ’WOW’ shape but, that will come in time. 


It is going to take innovative thinking and strategic alliances with our Town, County and other school districts to achieve greatness.  I have discussed much of this with Alex Gromak and he is a forward thinker that wants to work with our school district.   So, vote for me (Jay Papp) and let me get to work for us!

Financial Crisis

I do not lie and will not lie!  We are going to have to raise school taxes in order to cover the 8 million dollar annual deficit.  However, there are many ways that we can offset some of this shortfall by generating secondary and tertiary revenues.  I have proposed several programs which will bring money into the district and one program that can potentially pay for the entire sports and extracurricular activities budget.

Is It Possible That
Our Own District's 
Bottled Water Program
Can Pay For All 
Sports & Activities?
Congers Elementary

I support doing the repairs to Congers Elementary BUT, not spending 6.5 million dollars because there is a cracked wall that can be fixed for $275k.  I find the engineering firms involvement in every phase of the initial review, assessment of work needed and then acting as project manager is a conflict of interest.  We need to fix the Congers gym wall for  275k , get the kids back in the school and look at the building repair needs of all the schools and do it in a urgency order until all buildings are in top condition.   It is not right to spend 6.5 million on extra fixes when urinals are hanging off walls in North Highs School and roofs are leaking across the district.  We need Logic!

Text Box: Jay Papp Is The Only Candidate That Has Presented Real Plans, Real Solutions and Real Options.  

Words Do Not Fix Issues, Plans Do!

    What kind of person is Jay Papp


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Jay Papp = Ideas, Innovation & Sucess!Student Privacy

I will protect our student’s privacy with every ounce of my abilities.   I do not believe that parent emails should be subject to FOIL.  I therefore, propose that they only be collected as part of some form of contractual agreement that cannot be FOILed.  I do not know if it is possible but, I needs to be looked into.